Below are the frequently asked questions. Is your question not here? Then please contact us!

What are the costs for the coaching/candidate matching?

No, there is no charge for Career Jumpstart. Not for candidates and not for companies. And we work to keep it that way.

Do I require an official diagnosis to use Career Jumpstart's facilities?

No official diagnosis is required. We offered guidance and training for all students who feel like they need a little more help getting a job.

How can I sign up?

There is a sign-up page on the website. You also can send an email to career-jumpstart@fontys.nl

How long does the coaching process last?

The trajectory you take differs from candidate to candidate. We have an introduction interview, which will result in a plan of action. This plan contains the estimated duration of the process. We'll coordinate this with you. We won't stop until you've successfully found a job. If we're unable to do it within Career Jumpstart, we'll ensure external partners will take over.

Can I pick my coach or switch coaches during the process?

Of course, you can! It's essential you feel comfortable with your coach as it influences your experience and progress.

How do I know if Career Jumpstart is suitable for me?

We have an introduction interview in which we mention all we have up for offer. From there on, you can decide if you want to participate or not.

When and where does the coaching take place?

You and your coach will arrange when and where you'll get together. We're limited to the Fontys locations, and we're available during the working days and times. Online coaching is also possible!

What's the difference between Student+ and Career Jumpstart?

Career Jumpstart is meant for students in the final phase of their study (bachelor's and master's) or those who graduated less than a year ago. Student+ offers guidance during the study and belongs exclusively to the Fontys.