About us

About us

Fontys Information and Communication Technology has spent many years pursuing an inclusive school environment. Recently, we realised that this still isn't enough. Many bachelor's and master's graduates struggle with bridging the gap between studying and work. To help bridge that gap, Fontys Information and Communication Technology and TU/e worked together to set up Career Jumpstart. This initiative creates an opportunity for struggling students to find their perfect job.

Career Jumpstart aims for a future in which every student can find a well-suited and fun job. We have an experienced team to help candidates. We also have many contacts with external experts who can offer their expertise when needed. Every student and graduate who needs help can count on us! We'll like to introduce our team!

Our team

Antoinette Littel
Antoinette Littel Job coach
Marlou Heskes
Marlou Heskes Project manager and job coach
Lisette Penterman
Lisette Penterman Job coach
Juliette de Groot
Juliette de Groot Job coach
Nicole Ficheroux
Nicole Ficheroux Job coach
Manon Krabbenborg
Manon Krabbenborg Project manager and researcher
Lars Veerhoff
Lars Veerhoff Onderzoeker/jobcoach
Jessica Polderman
Jessica Polderman Onderzoeker/jobcoach
Luca Smeets
Luca Smeets Onderzoeker/jobcoach
Nicole Renders-van Lieshout
Nicole Renders-van Lieshout Management assistent