Does your career require a jumpstart?

Are you studying at Fontys or at the TU/e? Are you struggling to find a job, or are you dreading the process?

You're not alone! Many (graduated) students who require a little more support (including, but not limited to: autism, ADHD, (performance)-anxiety, dyslexia and physical and/or learning disabilities) struggle to find the right job.

And even if you think, 'Hey, I'm not on that list', Career Jumpstart is there to help you find the perfect job. You'll start with an intake meeting, which will lead to your custom-made coaching trajectory. Please take your time to check out the website! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the link or going to the Contact page!

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"Career Jumpstart is here to help you get on the road to that job that suits you"

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Fontys for society event Friday, 13 September 2024 | 12.00-18.00 uur
Congress Neurodivergent Talent, by Career Jumpstart, Realist Academy and Autitalent Thursday, 17 October 2024
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